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Successful Powerpoint / Flash Presentations

Step-by-step methodology to Successful Powerpoint / Flash Presentations

We believe that our clients deserve to have access to the latest presentation technologies, graphic designs and ideas for their Powerpoint presentations or Multimedia presentations. With Synergi Design you can discover how to make these sophisticated tools work for you by following our step-by-step explanations and making an impact for your company with vital, new PowerPoint or Flash presentations.

Assimilation is the Key to successful presentations

Our experience has shown us that during a presentation and other media experiences the way in which people take in and respond to knowledge can be summed up by this formula:

(1) Experience > (2) Reflection > (3) Assimilation > (4) Action

Synergi Design's PowerPoint presentations, Flash presentations, slides, slide shows, web presentations, CD Roms and DVD Roms enable your clients to assimilate your presentation messages and focus effectively on your branding. Furthermore On-line Quizzes, Tests or Surveys can be added for fun or audience testing.

(1) Experience

Your clients' experience of your PowerPoint presentation or Flash presentation, slides, etc. determines their ultimate Action (4) - how they will respond to your product or service. To achieve a successful outcome your clients' experience of your PowerPoint presentation must start with a clear message.

People remember up to 70% of what they see and hear, compared to at most 40% of what they see and only 10% of what they hear.

What does this tell you?

That with fresh, creatively designed PowerPoint presentation material with a strong visual impact you can make a far more effective impression on people.

Synergi Design use their expertise to design PowerPoint presentations, Flash presentations, slide shows, web presentations etc. that are unique to your organisation, using your logo, colours and corporate branding. We take the time to understand the focus of your message and the scope of your business and utilise this knowledge to incorporate compelling, high impact designed visuals that will enhance your presentation delivery.

You will benefit from our experienced advice but ultimately the choice of media that can be included in your presentation is yours:

Our demonstration presentations will show you what we can do.

UK presentations agency experienced at working with UK and International clients

PowerPoint presentation design for David Langdon

Finance PowerPoint Presentation
Davis Langdon & Seah International
Global Consultancy £270m Turnover

Davis Langdon & Seah International is a global construction and property consultancy, with 85 offices worldwide and a staff of some 2,800.

SynergiDesign was asked to create a PowerPoint presentation of a financial report for their AGM. The presentation used animation to present dull financial information in a more visual and animated way. The dense content of the report was separated into easily assimilated sections and the aim of relieving the monotony of the subject and making it easier for the audience to attend and take in the content of the report was successfully achieved.

Consultancy delivered:

(2) Reflection

Whilst your client is attending to your presentation they will be thinking through your product or service's appropriateness for their requirements. This process continues for a while after the presentation and can result in the client asking for further information. The reflective process is aided, as we have said, by what they have seen and heard. The quality of this experience is vital as high quality designed graphics and visual images are an aid to recall and underpin the audible message.

(3) Assimilation

If your client is impressed by your PowerPoint presentation or Flash presentation they will assimilate a maximum of the information which they have been given. Your ability to harness innovative media like:

to promote your product or service will create a strong, positive impression. This can be the key point at which the client decides whether or not to buy your product or service. PowerPoint and Flash high impact designed visuals help ensure that the important details you want to communicate will be explicit and memorable, giving you the competitive edge.

Some PowerPoint presentations or Flash presentations will benefit from the addition of a branded, professional on-line quiz, test or survey at this point to consolidate your theme. These can be fun or serious, to match your style. Completed versions of these on-line quizzes, tests or surveys are then e mailed back to the presenter showing how much the client has absorbed.

powerpoint presentation design for East End Foods, flash animation, video, graphic design

East End Foods Sales Presentation
Supplier Asian Foods, £180m Turnover

East End Foods, Midlands based, long established leader in the ethnic food market with an annual turnover of £100m+, had reached a stage in their development where a complete rebranding was required to match their high market status.

Complementing the rebranding was a new marketing and sales promotional presentation which used their logo and corporate colours to reinforce the company's image and striking Flash movies to promote their products.

Consultancy delivered:

"SynergiDesign discussed with us what we needed and how this could be achieved and offered us a range of well-thought out choices on design and presentation."

Paul D. Wouhra, Marketing Director, East End Foods

(4) Action

This is your client's response to your presentation, which, if you have employed a visual and interactive approach using PowerPoint or Flash designs in the most creative ways, will be positive!

Make your Presentations Unforgettable

Synergi Design, as experienced and creative PowerPoint presentation or Flash presentation designers, can design your presentations that will reflect your company's status, for example:

Synergi Design has the advantage of a central base in the UK, enabling us to reach out to our clients in London, Birmingham, the North, the Midlands and UK wide. We are business orientated with a consummate flair for marketing and take a pride in becoming fully conversant with your business goals so that we can deliver presentation designs that match your ethos.

PowerPoint presentation design for Fabsec

Fabsec Ltd
The Shard London, Birmingham Bullring etc

Fabsec Ltd is at the forefront of the UK engineering construction industry with Venture Partners including Corus Group Plc. They are based in Yorkshire.

SynergiDesign was asked to re-design a PowerPoint presentation used at Exhibitions and promotions where the audience was very discerning. The existing presentation did not represent the stature of the Company and was uninspiring. We applied our business design skills, decided to make good use of photographic imagery Fabsec had in the presentation and contemporary coloured bands across the slides. The result was very professional, on-brand and required little input from the customer, although they were regularly kept informed of work progress. Fabsec were extremely pleased with the finished result within a very tight timescale.

Consultancy delivered:


"Websynergy produced an excellent rolling presentation for our show to a tight budget and an extremely aggressive timescale. We are very pleased with the result and will be using it at future exhibition as well. The important thing was that we gained the right audience reaction, which was to encourage interest so that people approached us, and consequentially some serious new leads."


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Latest Projects

The Law Society

The Law SocietySynergiDesign won the contract and created the software (secure, interactive, web-standards compliant, meeting the highest of web accessibility W3CAAA standards, web software) to undertake this marketing activity and analyse its success.

"The level of activity generated by these campaigns met or exceeded our expectations."
John Rieger - The Law Society

Presentation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Rigby Luxury Property Brochures The President of Nigeria required a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation to showcase his country’s resources to international investors such as Shell and Chevron at a conference attended by press officers from all over the globe. SynergiDesign’s created a powerful, strongly branded PowerPoint presentation.

Luxury Property Brochures

Rigby Luxury Property BrochuresSynergiDesign carried out the successful design of their property website and also provided a range of high end glossy brochures:

"I am writing to congratulate you and your team for the first class sales brochure that you have produced for our latest development in Belgravia"
Rigby & Rigby

Corporate Presentations

UKTIPresentation for an Automotive international trade show in Japan on behalf of the government agencies we designed an impactful presentation pulling together content from a variety of automotive manufacturers.

"Many thanks for your help on this project and turning it around within such a short timescale. I was most impressed with your level of expertise and service and will happily recommend you to other colleagues."
Ginny Truslove

Web Applications / Software Development

Content Management System – Web Application

CMS InterfaceSynergiDesign have created an innovative, versatile and highly functional website and CMS for SO LONDON Publishing. The website and bespoke content management software are designed to the highest .Net 2 and CSS programming standards which allow for online management of the magazine including:

  • magazine issue management
  • articles and article ranking
  • image management
  • image auto optimisation and resizing
  • complex banner advert management

Ecommerce Web Design

Diamond Dealer Direct is a long-established diamond merchant and manufacturer with a recently acquired retail outlet which now enables them to deal direct with the public giving access to one of the UK’s largest stock of internationally recognised certified diamonds from the top gemmology laboratories. A high end ecommerce shopping website and content management system with a sophisticated and customised pricing software system and also an extensive search engine campaign was developed for Diamond Dealer Direct.

Diamond Dealer Direct

Web design summary:

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce shopping cart
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC campaign
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Reporting System
  • Order Management System
  • Registration System